Where it all began.

I currently create from the desert of Arizona but surprisingly this journey started somewhere else.

Amidst the hills of central Washington – with the only sign of civilization being “mile post 112” – I began my obsession with designing furniture that questioned our typical conventions of what these pieces should look like and answered unmet needs to possess pieces that not only inspire the user, but encourage their own reflection and exploration.

Breaking the principles learned from my background in architecture, I realized that the most effective way to explore my ideas wasn’t through putting pen to paper, but kinesthetically through the act of building, breaking, testing, and working through ideas. Inhabiting that isolated cabin, I ran a solar-powered drill and chop saw just long enough to build my first chair, which was used nightly to watch the galaxy bend and spin overhead.

That lounge chair was just the beginning, and that experiment translated into additional pieces that addressed new questions and challenged other standards. The pieces you find here are a direct reflection of my experimental approach. Keep in mind nothing is perfect; this is purely an endeavor of the hand, mind, and soul.