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Image of skin & bones

skin & bones


A first edition benjamin hall design+build product.

When I was a kid, my classmates used to taunt me for being “all skin and bones.” This chair embraces the childhood chastising, creating inspired beauty and comfort.

This ultra-comfortable slug leather and steel frame chair is the epitome of minimal design, with the 5/8 inch cold rolled steel frame acting as the bones and the tanned and oiled leather hide being the skin. The frame is powder coated with a hand-polished bronze coating for superior durability.

Designed much like a coiled spring this lounge will adjust to you depending on your weight when sat in. The hides slide right over the frame for easy removal, making it perfect for those who want to cat-sit, but don’t want their leather scratched up.

30"W x 30"L x 30"H

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